We went really light on breakfast today.

spent an hour trying to get a file onto the iPad. We are taking the iPad to day as there is a self guided walking tour of the city on the internet. Now if we can only download the files onto the iPad we will open up the iPadto see what we arelooking at and where to go next.

Lots of pictures today few words

Early morning walk along the river

Mozart lived his first 25 years in Salzberg

Church steeple seen through archway between two courtyards

Harp player and some lady

Mary being crowned

See how the optical illusion is done

Grinding flour at the waterwheel

Diane really liked the bakery

Rode a funicular up to the fortress - this is the view

one floor was weapons - swords, rifles, machine guns, and armour

The gold room where they now have Mozart concerts

indoor plumbing

the fortress chapel

another view of the city from the fortress

Hellbrun Castle - One way to tell your dinner guests it is time to go home

All the figures moved and are powered by water

Fountains were shooting off everywhere

The wallpaper was shipped from China in the 1800's

Back to the city rode a lift up a cliff - took pictures of Salzberg

Diane being artistic

Sunset causing the crosses to glow

Walking bask to the hotel along the river
The iPad worked well as it told a little about the things were we looking at. We had almost forgotten about going to Hellbrunn Castle until to late. Tomorrow we get up early to go buy some fresh baked bread to eat on the train to Innsbruck. Weather is supposed to drop 25 degrees in temperature and start raining

Final picture