Finally. Pictures of what a real breakfast should look like.


Selection of fresh juices

Sweet breads and cake


yogurts, fruit and cereals

cold meats and cheeses

. Not pictured were the scrambled eggs, bacon, jellies and honey, hot tea, and hot chocolate machine.

Eating is a very important part of every vacation

Today we are walking along the canal to the lock and then back down along the Danube. About 8-10 miles. This should work off some of last nights desserts and make room for more tonight.
bridge along the canal

path in Augarten
Took a deour to walk through Augarten. Lots of trees. Flowers were nice but not impressive. It was past the season. There was a porcelain factory with guided tours but we passed since we had miles to go before we slept and wanted to make sure we had time for multiple desserts tonight.

Nice place for a picnic. Lots of bike traffic for a Monday. Doing the entire loop around the island would be a nice ride. Only problem with the walk is the noise. It is not as peaceful as walking the ridge of an alpine mountain range. On the other hand, there are more WC's in Vienna. We had to wait 5 minutes while it was being cleaned though. Still smelled like a horse barn.
picnic bench along the canal

Only grafitti I saw that indicated the person actually had talent.
Are the fish in the canal really this big

It is a nice walk.
near the locks

We made it to the Danube without getting lost. The river is very wide.
The Danube River

. The next pictures showing a floating school and one of the large cruise ships that float down the Danube River. The large windows are sliding glass doors that go to the balconies for each stateroom.


floating school house

Apparently there still are wealthy people in Europe

This church marks the spot we cut across the island an head back to the hotel. On the way back we walked through a neighbor hood and picked up some fruit at the local market. Instead of spoiling our appetite, we decided to wait for tomorrow to eat the fruit. We need to clean up and go get some dessert.

3 guys in the middle of traffic. All working.
Austrians are very clean and neat.They are not fixing the street light. They are cleaning it. By hand. That is Windex in his bucket.

He really did it with spray paint.
Some use of paper, a knife, and a round plate


15 Euros
Another one.

This one was not spray painted. It was an advertisement for a show at the museum painted on the risers of the staircase.
Monet on the staircase

. Now it is time for the desserts.

Diane went straight to the Demel shop, ordered 3 desserts, and headed for the nearest stature. I paid, got the forks and napkins and followed along.

. I did get to taste 2 of them. The nut pastry and truffletorte were good but the cremehorn was not possible to be shared

. After these were finished we headed to another dessert shop she had scoped out on the way to Demel


That is a big dessert
Notice how much larger her dessert is than mine.

. Back to the hotel to clean up and pack. Tomorrow we head to Salzburg around 11. After a healthy breakfast of course. We will be sure to check the dessert shops if they are open as we do now want to starve on the train ride.